How To Set Up Mass Story Engager & Best Settings

Types of Targeting

You can now select targeting from Followers, Hashtags, Places & Instagram's Explore Page.

  1. People (followers) anyone who follows your target on Instagram

  2. #Hashtags

  3. Places

  4. Explore page of your Instagram (That's your 1st tab on your mobile app) also comes with categories so you will react with only niche based audience.

  5. Peoples post liker are anyone who likes a targets posts

  6. Hashtag Likers are users who liked a post from a specific hashtag

  7. Location Likers are users who like post from a specific location

  8. Peoples Following are the users of a specific target are following

Examples Of Peoples Following

Best Settings

We recommend combining all 4 types of targeting and constantly test your results. The more high quality your targeting is, the better your growth will be.

People: 25-50 niche specific usernames with a minimum of 100k followers #Hashtags: 25-50 hashtags with a minimum of 500k tags Places: 0-10 Explore: Choose at least 1-3 topics in your niche.

For Active Services We Recommend using all of them

For MassLooking V2 we recommend starting at 5k story reviews a day and then gradually increase every 4 days to a higher speed

Like & Follow & Comment Setting

Auto Like Settings

Auto Follow Settings

Auto Comment Settings

Make sure you add 15-20 unique non spammy comment

Auto Unfollow Settings

IF your account is not verified no not check the blue badge box. you can run Masslooking V1 and Masslooking V1 at the same time.

You can use Active Filter But they can slow down mass story engager.

Stories Parsing Speed should be set to maximum

Pause feature us very important. no user is running actions 24/7, this can help prevent blocks and increase your account trust score. We recommend a pause for 4-6 hours a day. this can be done in different timezones for when most users are asleep in your country.

To remain under the limits we HIGHLY RECOMMEND people start with 20 ~ 25 per action day as mentioned in the comments for better results and increase them from every 3-4 days. If you choose to interact with higher daily actions (100+), this can have a negative effect on your account, it really depends on your trust score, daily activity, follower count, verification status, etc

For example, a verified Instagram user with 10 million followers, can run 500-1000 actions daily without a problem. An account that's 3 months old with 500 followers, will get flagged right away. The actions need to be consistent with your daily activity. Start slow and work your way up.

The type of targeting you choose really comes down to your niche and page & besides your Instagram page is the most important variable to your growth. Some users will choose 100 places and all explore topics, while others only use #s. We recommend a minimum of 50-100 targets in total though. Here's an example, a fashion influencer will most likely use a majority of fashion #'s and People (followers) over places and explore however a local business with use places, explore and their competition's usernames for targeting.

Engagement Calculator

If you choose to go for people's followers, you have a fantastic update that determines the Engagement Ratio of the target total number of posts in real-time. Often accounts fake their own engagement to look more legitimate when they are indeed not. If you are engaging with their fake followers (yes fake followers post stories) you're going to get low results because you're not engaging with real people who will visit your profile to potentially follow you.

To check if your targeting is good or not, you can use our updated search feature.

Here’s how ERpost determined,

When you type in a username on mass story engager, it will show their engagement rate and will let you know if it's a good or bad target based on their engagement rate (ERpost).

Likes + Comments + Shares = 100%

At the moment we have allowed only 1st four targets, so your search should be faster. It would be best if you type the name of the target only, and it will show the quality of 1st four targets, and then you can repeat

At the end of the day, use must your judgment, just because someone has a low engagement rate does not mean to use it, it just adds more data to make a decision when choosing your targeting. For example. if an account has 10 million followers, 1000 likes and 50 fake comments, don't use it, it's all fake followers and engagement. You have to use good judgment when choosing your targeting and take a look at their following to engagement ratio. Don't go nuts with it, but just do not use targeting sources like The Rock, Justin Beiber, Kim Kardashian, etc.

Explaining the importance.

Mass Story Engager is working purely using target accounts. You engage with stories of people that follow your target. At the end of the day, you want the same engagement on your page. The target audience is the key! Please don't enter random accounts. Sit down and think about it. What is your niche audience? Who is your potential audience following? Write down at least 2-50 accounts & #'s with 100k - 1 million followers.

Learn from other people's mistakes.

Results are dependant on the quality of your targets. If you get low engagement - try playing around with them. You may be surprised by how many people will follow you back and engage with your brand when you are using an accurately selected targeted audience. Just make sure that you're posting consistently and trying to engage with your followers regularly. Followers of your followers are people who are already interested in the types of products or services that you offer.

Check the quality of your targets!

You will be surprised how many personal/business accounts are creating an impression of high engagement by having loads of inactive followers as well as bots on their pages. Make sure you check their comments under their posts as they might have an impressive amount of followers and likes and only a few likes - this is a direct sign of fake activity.

Just what you need.

Select targets with real engagement. Choose accounts that have interactions in their comments section. This means that followers actually like content/products of people that they follow. That is exactly what you want - people that care.

How To Change Between People Post Liker & Peoples Followers

Changing between People Post Liker & Peoples Followers in your mass story engager tool can be a little bit tricky. In the video below we go over in detail how to do this, we highly recommend to watch it, it's only 2 minutes. With the most recent update we applied in February, we have been finding that the Peoples Followers selection has been yielding the best results for the accounts we have testing it on. Please test between the two, however, Peoples Followers should yield the best results. To make sure the settings have changed properly in the parentheses next to your targeting it should say (follower) if you selected that option or (likers)

To change between the two settings, you can follow the steps below or watch the video (highly recommended as it's definitely better to have a visual representation)


1) Copy Targets2) Clear Targets3) Set to deactivate4) Switch to option of choice5) Target list (paste)6) Switch to active, save

What are Active Filters?

There help you greatly define who massvoting interacts with on instagram. right now we have 4 active filters.

1) Same People Story Ignore: This will only vote on 1 story per user. for example( if the user has 3 stories our software will only interact with only 1 of those 3 stories.)

2) Ignore Follow Requested People: This will allow you not interact/massvoting on users that you have a pending follower request on.

3) Ignore Following People: This will not interact/massvoting for users you are following on instagram.

4) Ignore Follower People: This will not interact/massvote on your followers stories.