Advanced Analytics

An in-depth look at account analytics.

View stats for any account you manage

By selecting the advanced analytics option from the left-hand side menu, you can view your account's analytics all in on place.

To view an account simply select the tab and chose the account you want to view.

This feature helps you analyse your account statistics over 7,14, 21 & 30 days.

Advanced Analytics also allows you to see how your profiles have grown over time.

Switch Features On & Off

You can switch on and off any feature within this area - auto comment, auto follow/un-follow, auto DM, auto comment, auto like & auto repost.

This is advantageous as it means you don't need to go into each module to turn them off.

New Followers vs Followings

This section shows you how many followers your account received vs the amount of follow requests your account has made.

Total Followers vs Followings

This shows the total amount of followers vs the amount of follow requests your account has made.

Top Performing Posts

This section will show you the most popular posts for your account.

This is helpful as it highlights content which is performing well - meaning you can use similar content or your posts in the future.

Daily Stats

This report shows the amount of followers, follow requests, date and posts.

Refresh & Update Stats

To refresh your account statistics you can click 'refresh' for an updated view of your stats.