Automatically Create stories and tag users

What is Metioneer?

Metioneer is a tool that is used to automatically create stories and tag users in those stories. This tool is great for promotion and can drive high traffic to your instagram page.

How do i set it up?

Here is quick guide on how to set metioneer tool for your accounts.

1) Select the account in which you would like to use metioneer tool

Account selection

2) Now you need to enter your targets, these should be targets within your niche and that post similar content to your

3) Now you have to ask tagged users a question. make sure its not spammy or bot like

Now save enable the tool and click save. wait a couple minutes

4) now you will see the activity log is showing activity

Visit your instagram profile and you will see the stories already posted

Be careful using this too. we recommend to use on slave accounts for promotion or accounts with a high trust score