Hyper DM

Reply instantly to new messages in your inbox.

How To Set Up Hyper DM

This is a how-to guide to explain how you can set up and get the most out of Hyper DM.

Hyper DM is our latest feature that automates the reply of message requests that come into your inbox.

  1. After you have purchased the module, you should see the icon in your Hyper Dashboard.

  2. Select the module, then choose an Account from the left hand side.

  3. You will be presented with 3 tabs - Settings, Messages and Activity Log.


  1. In the Settings tab, select the status for the module, Active or Deactive.

  2. Then you can enable the Pause function for the module (recommended).

  3. Choose the Time you want Hyper DM to be paused.

  4. Click Save.


  1. In the Messages tab, enter the Messages that you want Hyper DM to reply with in the box.

  2. Click Add Message after you have written a response.

  3. You will see the Message at the bottom.

  4. Add as many as you want, Hyper DM will randomly select from your saved Messages.

  5. Click Save.

Activity Log

Here you will find a record of all the Messages that Hyper DM has replied with.