BEST SETTING FOR Main - Aged Accounts. :

You need find 100-150 target related to your content category. We are using minimum 100 target (Hashtag, Hashtag Liker, People Liker, Location and Location liker mixed. )

1500k Poll speed

1500k Slide Speed.

1500k Quiz Speed

Don't change question speed because already settled from Algorithm.

1500k Countdown speed.

up to 5K Masslookingv2 speed. (Some acc can use 4K Speed)

Questions : 10-15 different question.

Follow Speed 50 Unfollow Speed 50 Like Speed 100 Comment Speed 50

Story Parsing Speed: 400k

Content share interval : 1 day - 1 Post. Using 25 hashtag on post. Post need to perfect. You can share stories about your content and etc.