Mass Poller Pro

Mass poller pro has a completely different algorithm we are trying out. It automatically detects account limits and adjusts the speed accordingly, so there is no need for user to set the speed. We don’t want to add more features to mass Story Engager because we feel like it already had a lot going on with it.

Mass Story Engager Pro (Full Walkthrough)

Full (Brief) Walkthrough

Above is a quick video walkthrough of Mass Story Engager Pro. Throughout this article, we include in-depth tutorials for each section. We also broke down the individual features into their separate articles, you can check it out here.

1) Types of Targeting

You can now select targeting from Followers, Hashtags, Places & Instagram's Explore Page.

  1. People (followers) anyone who follows your target on Instagram

  2. People(Likers) anyone who likes your targets posts

  3. #Hashtags

  4. Places

  5. Explore page of your Instagram (That's your 1st tab on your mobile app) also comes with categories so you will react with only niche based audience.

At this time we only recommend to use hashtags, locations and explore because

  1. People (followers)and People(Likers) are limited by Instagram

2) Engagement Calculator

If you choose to go for people's followers, you have a fantastic update that determines the Engagement Ratio of the target total number of posts in real-time. That's our major update as users had issues finding high-value targets for there Instagram growth. We integrated Phalanx's engagement calculator into our search functionality to help you determine the engagement rate of a target. Here’s how ERpost determined,

Likes + Comments + Shares = 100%

At the moment we have allowed only 1st four targets, so your search should be faster. It would be best if you type the name of the target only, and it will show the quality of 1st four targets, and then you can repeat.

3) Type of Reactions:

We have all types of reactions, which are available on mass voting pro. We recommend choosing ALL types of reactions to maximize your results. If you do not use all the types of reactions, your growth will be affected.

Poll Votes Slider Points (AI based now, no need to select minimum and max) Quiz Answers (AI smart), Countdowns (Recommended) Question/Answers (Improved limits) Mass View Stories (Better speed than before)

If you chose Question/Answers, you must fill in your answers in the tab below.

Follow/Unfollow & Likes

With our new feature, we have different types of interactions that could be done safely besides story actions. It includes liking video/photo posts & unfollow / follow.

There are three types of likes that can take place.

1) Like (like any photo from your targeting)

2) Like timeline posts (like a couple of photos from their feed)

3) Like last post comment (like the last comment made on a recent post) To remain under the limits we HIGHLY RECOMMEND people start with 20 ~ 25 per action day as mentioned in the comments for better results and increase them from every 3-4 days. If you choose to interact with higher daily actions (100+), this can have a negative effect on your account, it really depends on your trust score, daily activity, follower count, verification status, etc For example, a verified Instagram user with 10 million followers, can run 500-1000 actions daily without a problem. An account that's 3 months old with 500 followers, will get flagged right away. The actions need to be consistent to your daily activity. Start slow and work your way up.

4) New DM Feature:

We also have added optional features as DM, which is advanced. In case you don't wish to respond to the DM, you can select "Reply to pending DM requests" without writing anything, and it will mark those other DMs as liked and seen (also mutes them). You also have the option not to mark your existing approved and DM threads.

Username & Full Name Inserts If you want to use the user's full name or username in a message response, you can use the codes below. {{username}} {{full_name}} Hey {{userame}} thanks for checking out our page, which means the world! Hey {{full_name}} question for you, what's your favorite color?

How To Use Spintax:

We recommend that you use spintax if you don't know how to use spintax, here is an example.

{Thanks|Thank you}, for {getting in touch|the message}, your offer, etc. Thanks for getting in touch, your offer, etc

Thank you, for the message, your offer, etc

Thanks, for the message, your offer, etc Thank you, for getting in touch, your offer, etc As you can see, it created 4 different messages from the spintaxs / phrases within {bracket | bracket}

For best practice use this link for results and if you want an auto way of spinning your text you can use

If you want to put more than one message in that window and do not wish to use spintax you should use this format below:

{Hi, how can I help you?

|Hey, where are you from?

|Hi, where you live?}

Understanding Activity Logs:

We now have detailed logs of information with every action. Here you can now find the time, date, how many polls have been made, slider points, quiz answers, total answers that you have submitted, countdowns, and total story views.

The below information is for experts and developers to understand the reason when there is an error. When it says, ok it means the algorithm is working fine and have no issues both on Instagram and our servers.

Here Bad ERP means is (we have skipped the bad targets - Total numbers of targets that we have skipped with a bad score or fake accounts.)

Understanding Stats:

The stats page shows the total number of actions done through the day. With each action, multiple individual actions are being made at the same time. 1 action (stats page) can result in 50 page views, 10 poll interactions, 3 likes, 1 comment, etc (activity log) The activity log is used to track the individual actions that are taking place. You will be able to see the Instagram post, story & account that you engaged with and what type of action took place.

The stats page will only tell the number of times we collected data from the sources per day.

Step 1.3.4. Restart task feature (added in v.4.0).

Now you can apply any change to task and continue process from same position.Schedule page

Step 1.3.5. Checkbox “Use mobile API for followers data scrapping (optional)”.

This is optional checkbox, when you want to use only mobile API for followers scrapping.

Step 1.4. Accelerators feature (how it’s works).

Now you can boost scrapping speed and make your actions less detectable for IG.

Just add additional accounts for scrapping (accelerators) to task and boost reactions speed.

Easy and amazing.

When you will start task you will see what accelerator is used for made action.

Step 1.5. Reactions limits bypassing (how it’s works).

The algorithm already has a bypass adaptation for reactions (mass voting) functions.

When the account reached a limit for the poll, slider, quiz or story question answers reactions. You will see in module logs that “Poll reactions paused for safety”, this enables 5-6 minutes sliding time window after that period paused reaction type will be enabled again automatically.

Step 1.6. Task recovery state feature.

When you enable pause settings for the task, after the pause delay task will be continued from the same position. This will help prevent double answers. Useful and simple.

In logs you will see something like that:

  • Telegram Notifications (optional)

    • Go to Telegram and find our bot named as @krystalgrowthbot

    • Start a chat with our bot and type /start

    • Find in Telegram bot named as @userinfobot

    • Start a chat with that bot and type /start. In response, you will receive your chat ID.

    • Enter this chat ID in the field placed below:

Filtration by min/max followers count (optional)

I suggest disabling this option because it’s will reduce reactions speed. Not really needed by default.

  • Use web API for followers data scrapping (Recommended)

This is recommended to be enable if you are facing a problems with the tools